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CDR Writing

Competency Demonstration Report
CDR for Engineers Australia

CDR Report Writing

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is the skill assessment report which is demanded by the Engineer Australia for the skills evaluation of the Engineers who want to get permanent residency in Australia. Engineers Australia is the designated assessment authority. the CDR report is the authentic and premium source of writing your Competency Demonstration Report – CDR.

Following are the attributes of competency demonstration report:

  • To Get Permanent Residency/ Skilled Immigration Visa in Australia
  • Non-accredited qualification
  • Based on undergraduate qualification
  • Demonstration of graduate aptitudes/ competencies

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) has consisted of three parts and each needed to be compiled carefully, mentioning each required element;

  • Three Career Episode
  • Summary Statement
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Our Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Services

the CDR report has brought the distinct number of Competency Demonstration Report Services or CDR Services that best suits the requirement of our esteemed clients. As we are valuing quality rather than money, so we provide right options to the Engineers applying of migration skill assessment to Engineers Australia. Here is the sneak peek of our most affordable CDR Writing Services;

1. Preparation of Complete CDR

Three Career Episodes

Career Episodes are the demonstration of the actual work and activities of the engineer. Here under this service, we are providing complete writing of high quality and error-free three career episodes.

Summary Statement

After finalizing all the information and data for the career episode and drafting the final copies, we will prepare well-structured Summary Statement based on the references from the career episodes that genuinely depicted the elements

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

In the last step, we will ask you for details related to any courses, training, workshops, seminars, book reading, etc. that the engineer has taken for enhancement of engineering knowledge

2. Review of Client Written CDR

Three Career Episodes

Engineers need to provide us their already written Competency Demonstration Report CDR for complete proofreading, review of the required details, make corrections, and guidance on how to improve the Career Episodes

Summary Statement

After finalizing all the information and data for the career episode and drafting the final copies, we will review the already prepared summary statement and provide the engineer’s assistance in adding the correct references

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We will also review the already prepared Continuing Professional Development CPD record of the engineers and suggest further improvements

3. Individual CDR Service

Single Career Episode

Under the particular service, we are providing a most suitable service for those who cannot afford full CDR, and they want only one Career Episode so they can prepare their rest of career Episodes accordingly

Summary Statement

We are also providing summary statement writing service in which we will prepare only summary statement based on the career episodes provided by the client

We are providing excellent CDR Writing Service covering all fields of Engineering. We introduce different CDR Plans based on the customer’s requirement as we want to facilitate our clients with authentic CDR Service that will guarantee them a successful assessment. Our CDR services included a complete CDR, Review of the CDR prepared by the client, CDR Sample, Summary Statement, and CPD. We are offering our Premium CDR Service for the following engineering fields;

  • CDR for Mechanical Engineers

  • CDR for Chemical Engineers

  • CDR for Electrical Engineers

  • CDR for Electronic and Communication Engineers

  • CDR for Telecommunication Engineers

  • CDR for Telecommunication Network Engineers

  • CDR for Geotechnical Engineers

  • CDR for Biomedical Engineers

  • CDR for Petroleum Engineers

  • CDR for Aeronautical Engineers

  • CDR for Production Engineers (Mining)

  • CDR for Process Engineer (Mining)

  • CDR for Production Engineers (Manufacturing Production)

  • CDR for Production Engineers (Forestry Production)

  • CDR for Industrial Engineers

  • CDR for Construction Engineers

  • CDR for Transport Engineers

  • CDR for Quantity Surveyor Engineers

  • CDR for Civil Engineers

  • CDR for Material Engineers