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KA02 Report Writing

Knowledge Assessment Report

Knowledge Assessment Report (KA02) for IPENZ/ Engineers NewZealand

Knowledge Assessment KA02 Report Writing

Knowledge assessment or KA02 report is necessary to be prepared by those engineers who want to apply for New Zealand immigration, and their qualification is not recognized with international qualification standards of Sydney, Dublin, and Washington Accord. IPENZ or Engineers New Zealand is the regulatory body of New Zealand that assess your skills and engineering qualification against the internationally-benchmarked educational, competence, and ethical standards.

If the engineer does not have a Washington Accord- recognized qualification or equivalent, then this knowledge assessment is necessary to be taken. IPENZ or Engineers New Zealand will evaluate your engineering knowledge based on the competency elements of KA02 Form. Engineers are required to demonstrate their knowledge with evidence from work experience, academic study, and further learning.

Knowledge Assessment Form has three main sections that needed to fill Section 2 – Knowledge Profile, Section 3- Evidence of Application Knowledge, and Section 4- Supplementary Evidence. A team of the CDR report is all here for your help and a thorough guidance in compiling the relevant details for the KA02 Form or KA02 Report. Our Team has consisted of expert writers who are specialized in their specific fields and ready to provide their complete guidance and help in completing the Knowledge Assessment report.

As per the requirement of clients, we introduced different KA02 service at the best affordable price. Our Exclusive KA2 Service is all that you want in an excellent package. Our KA02 Report Service includes; 

  • Preparation of complete KA02 for IPENZ
  • Review of client written KA02 for IPENZ
  • KA02 for IPENZ Samples

1. Preparation of Complete KA02

Section 2 – Knowledge Profile

In our complete KA02 service, we will fill this section based on the information provided by you. We will complete all the eight elements and provide you a unique report.

Section 3- Evidence of Application of Knowledge

Under this section, four work episodes will be prepared in which individual projects will be discussed in detail. By the provided details by the client, we will complete this section as per the requirements of IPEN.

Section 4- Supplementary Evidence

At the final step of the report, we will complete this section based on the information provided in your Resume. In this section, we will complete the table of work history and CPD.

2. Review of client written KA02

Section 2 – Knowledge Profile

In this KA02 Service, our writers will conduct a complete review of the client written KA02 Form. They will provide their expert advice and suggestions for improving their elements details. Supporting samples will also be provided. A complete check of grammatical error and full proofread work will be our final deliverables.

Section 3- Evidence of Application of Knowledge

We will review the client written work episodes in detail, provide a complete review that will include removal of all grammatical and proofreading errors, expert reviews on the provided information, expert guidance on further improving the details and sample details will be provided

Section 4- Supplementary Evidence

In the final step, we will review the section 4 and check for relevant information filled by the client. Expert advice will be provided on what to add in this section, and the final check will be done by the expert writers to ensure the quality report.

3. KA02 Sample Report

KA02 Sample Report

KA02 Sample Report is available for all engineering discipline. We bring quality KA02 Sample Report that is compiled by our expert Ka02 writers. Sample KA02 will cover all the three section of KA02 Form.

What we bring!

the CDR report brings premium KA02 Report Service that best match your requirement. We selected the best team for compiling Knowledge Assessment KA02 Report. They are specialized in their fields and put their efforts for the successful assessment of your KA02 Report. We are providing KA02 service for all engineering fields. Our writing team included all professionals having vast writing experience and adept in their fields.


  • KA02 for Civil Engineers

  • KA02 for Material Engineers

  • KA02 for Chemical Engineers

  • KA02 for Electrical Engineers

  • KA02 for Telecommunication Engineers

  • KA02 for Telecommunication Network Engineers

  • KA02 for Production Engineers (Mining)

  • KA02 for Process Engineer (Mining)

  • KA02 for Mechanical Engineers

  • KA02 for Electronic and Communication Engineers

  • KA02 for Geotechnical Engineers

  • KA02 for Industrial Engineers

  • KA02 for Quantity Surveyor Engineers

  • KA02 for Construction Engineers

  • KA02 for Transport Engineers

  • KA02 for Biomedical Engineers

  • KA02 for Petroleum Engineers

  • KA02 for Aeronautical Engineers

  • KA02 for Production Engineers (Manufacturing Production)

  • KA02 for Production Engineers (Forestry Production)